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Lindy focus X

Lindy Focus X: Instructor Demos

Thursday Night Jam Circle

Open Balboa J&J Finals

Open Lindy Hop Jack & Jill

Invitational Lindy Hop J&J (Nick&Sharon:Kevin&Laura)

Invitational Lindy Hop J&J (Juan&Nikki:Andy&Laura)

Invitational Lindy Hop J&J (Nathan&Maeva:Jeremy&Sarah)

Invitational Lindy Hop J&J (William&Giselle:Michael&Kate

Invitational Balboa Jack & Jill (Nick Williams & Nelle Cherry)

Invitational Balboa Jack & Jill (Mickey Fortanasce & Abigail Browning)

Invitational Balboa Jack & Jill (Jeremy Otth & Kelly Arsenault

Invitational Balboa Jack & Jill (Bobby White & Kate Hedin)

Invitational Balboa Jack & Jill {Adam Speen & Laura Keat)

Tri-Swing Tournament (Blues)

Tri-Swing Tournament (Lindy Hop)

Tri-Swing Tournament (Balboa)

Performance: William & Maeva

Performance: Sharon Davis

Performance: Jazz Roots

Boom Shocka Locka Boogie Team (William & Maeva and Dax & Sarah and Patrick & Natasha

Kate Hedin Violin Solo

"Moonglow" (Mikey and Nikki)

"Dipper Mouth Blues" Charleston Girls - (Gabriella, Casey, Kelly, Jo, Melanie, Laura)

"Sunny Side of the Street" - (Michael and Nathan

Caravan "Fan Dance" - (Sharon, Jo, Evita)

"Dueling Pianists" - (Nathan & Dorry)

"The Cat Can't Dance" - (Emily Vanston)

Top Drawer - (Nick, Laura K, Bobby, Kate, Jeremy, Nikki)

"Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" - (Michael and Evita)

"Hit that Jive Jack" - (Kevin and Shesha)

"Crazy As a Loon Can Be" Chair Trio - (Nick, Mikey, Nikki)

"Evenin" The Killer Dillers - (Kevin, Juan, Nathan, Jo, Sharon, Evita




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